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The Story of Rub It Up

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My dream has always been to present my family, friends, and others with a unique and enjoyable dining experience. I began making rubs for my family’s meals – we are a large family that enjoy getting together – especially with great food! From the start, my idea was to simplify and enhance the flavor of meats including beef, pork, chicken, and seafood – easily and deliciously. I created the RUB IT UP! © blend of spices in my own kitchen to use with air fryers; however, it is just as robust and easy to use with grilling and baking too. My family and friends encouraged me to extend my rubs to others desiring an awesome dining experience!


My RUB IT UP! © products go great with every type of meat; testimonials from everyone that tastes my RUB IT UP! © products enjoy the unique blend of spices and ease of use on vegetables also. My all-purpose rub for meats, seafood rub, and a spicier rub if you like to “kick it up a notch” will bring accolades to your prepared meals! You will not need additional sauces or seasoning – use my rubs stand alone and reduce caloric, sodium and carb intake all the while making your meals smoking good!


My promise: you’ll love the flavors and will get rave reviews from your friends and family. Visit my FaceBook page for recipes, how to use RUB IT UP! © and meal plans; leave a comment, upload RUB IT UP! © videos and pictures, and then, feel free to share my RUB IT UP! © page with your friends.

Judy Mason

CEO & Founder

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